‘Jupiter Ascending’ Teaser Trailer

Jupiter Ascending” is the latest film from the Warchowski siblings, and appears to involve a girl named – I kid you not – Jupiter and some other stuff about other intelligent life in the  universe.  The effects look spectacular, though the narrative appears more than a little bit muddled.

I assume that later trailers will clarify matters.

“Jupiter Ascending” stars Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis.


5 thoughts on “‘Jupiter Ascending’ Teaser Trailer

  1. I review a lot of trailers and watch many more but I am extremely confused as to what this film is. I get little bits of information but mostly explosions and CGI, to which I never complain but this was kind of nonsense.

    I am quite intrigued until about half way through the trailer and then it just looks baffling. Because its a teaser I will let it off but only if they release a 5 minute trailer like they did for Cloud Atlas because I need a little help with the story 😀

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