‘That Awkward Moment’ Review

That Awkward Moment

“”That Awkward Moment” is a decent, sporadically funny dramedy about men growing up. And Zac Efron looks really good unclothed.”

Which is is quite a bit, by the way.

“That Awkward Moment” describes the point in a relationship where one of the partners, generally the woman, begins to expect a bit more than a lay, though that’s only one level that the film works on.

When we meet Jason (Zac Efron) and Daniel (Miles Teller), they’re “working” which I put in quotes because, while they went into their job every once or twice to pitch designs for book covers, they never actually did all that much.

Which is a good thing because if they actually worked it might get in the way of the time that they spent drinking at a hip singles bar or hanging out in Jason’s apartment.

Another theme of the movie relates to adults, figuratively speaking, putting aside childish things–in sometimes awkward fashion–and acting their age.

The movie does have a semblance of responsibility at times, and it’s primarily embodied in the character of Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) whom, despite being a doctor, also has quite a bit of time to drink at the same hip singles bar and hang out at Jason’s apartment.

All three had been best friends since college, and seem for the most part to live their adult lives as extensions of that period, with the exception of Mikey, who’s married, though isn’t at the moment doing well at it (his wife’s preparing to divorce him).

What’s interesting is that, while the movie is about young men acting sort of badly, the storyline is probably one that would appeal to women–and gay men, if you take into account Efron’s semi-nakedness–which seems to indicate that “That Awkward Moment” is really a chick flick, since their antics aren’t manic enough to make it appealing to most men to see without a date.


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