‘Oculus’ Trailer

This turned up a week or so ago.  Positive buzz is pretty high, though I am not sure why.  After all, mirrors as conduits for malevolent spirits isn’t a new idea.  Off the top of my head I recall “Mirrors,” its sequel as well as “The Boogey Man”– why do they call it ‘Boogeyman‘ anyway?  As far as I am aware, it’s actually “bogeyman” though before now I wasn’t aware of the fascinating history behind the word – and “Occupant,” though mirrors weren’t as essential to the plot of the latter as the two earlier examples.

Now joining them is “Oculus,” which seems, if the trailer is any indicator, to be dragging out every horror trope available.

Spooky pseudo-nursery rhyme?  Check.

Creepy mirror?  Accounted for.

Spooky-eyed Katee Sackhoff?  Done, and done (though that’s not quite fair because Sackhoff is awesome, and never grows tiring).

That being said, I think that many people are so surprised to see a horror film with a coherent plot – including myself at times, which is odd because I know many that are very well done – that when a movie happens to possess one, it’s almost a novelty.


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