‘The Purge: Anarchy’ Teaser Trailer

I went into the first ‘Purge’ expecting a subversive commentary on American mores, coupled with an ample helping of cathartic violence.  Instead what I got was little more than a home invasion thriller, with barely a pinch of anything wholesome or nutritious.

And while I can’t necessarily judge the upcoming sequel by the teaser trailer, I am getting the feeling that expecting more from this series isn’t going to get me anywhere.

And I have questions, such as:  How did a future America get this way?  How could our political process, which is currently barely functional, gather the wherewithal to launch such a sweeping, drastic change?

Does everyone agree with The Purge?  If not, where are these people?  And assuming that some sort of opposition exists, where are they?  Is there an Underground Railroad to help people escape, if they are targeted?

What group bears the brunt of twelve hours of anarchy?  African-Americans? Hispanics?  Whites?  Men?  Women?  Children?

What happened to the homeless population of many major American cities?  Were they killed off in a Purge?  Is it being used as an instrument of government, to get rid of “undesirables?”

There are so many fascinating questions that could be asked, but–as I implied earlier–I am getting the feeling that his sequel will involve little more than two people running around a city for half a day, trying to stay alive.

Kind of like Walter Hill’s “The Warriors,” minus that film’s intriguing premise.


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