The Costume Of The CW’s New ‘Flash’ Is Revealed, And It’s ‘Meh,’ Part Deux

Flash CostumeAnd as you can see from this picture, “Meh” was being generous.  This image is from Screen Crush, and as you can tell, it’s a picture of the new Flash costume, and it.  Looks.  Pretty. Bad.

It also looks confining, when it should allow movement (I assume that the show’s producers will say that it’s designed as it is to protect him from friction).

What Colleen Atwood seems to have been missed is that the Flash is a character based upon movement, so why make him look so encumbered; almost the directly opposite approach from the way the character is treated in the comics.

Which is not to say that it’s terrible design, in and of itself.  It would just look better if it were repurposed for some other character.

We’ve seen Bryan Singer’s version of Quicksilver, who just happens to be another speedster, who looks worse.  My only hope appears to be Joss Whedon, who also plans for Quicksilver to appear in his Avengers sequel, ‘Age Of Ultron.’

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