Ben Affleck As Batman!

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 6.46.33 PMZach Snyder released this black & white image of Batman (Ben Affleck) today on Twitter.  It’s from the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman.  And it looks OK, and while I wish that Snyder had taken the photo less to depict a mood than to actually show us Batman and the Batmobile.

That being said, I am not seeing all the hype over this suit yet because from what I can tell it looks similar to the way Batman looked in the Christopher Nolan features (though his ears seem to be shorter, and the costume a bit bulkier), which is pretty much the way the character has  looked since he began to appear in features.

Check out the link above for Snyder’s Twitter account, and some more images.


Thanks to Collider for the information, and Zach Snyder for posting!

4 thoughts on “Ben Affleck As Batman!

  1. They do love to tease with these things. Then again, the “here’s the costume” photos usually look worse/get a bad reaction than the costume does on the big screen/in action so probably a mood photo is to circumvent that. But as you say it looks like he’s played it safe and copied (in general term) previous movie costumes.

    1. I know, but there’s so much hype accompanying this movie that I am not sure how long Zach Snyder can afford to play coy.

      Besides, I really would prefer a “here’s the costume” picture.

      1. I’m sure we’ll get one. But the mood picture just soften things up. This one will get less hate in prep for the “here’s the costume” picture.

        Eh, who am I kidding, any picture will get hate.

  2. On the costume side:

    I was a little unsure to begin with but it rapidly grew on me. It looks like a mix between the Dark Knight Returns and the more recent Batman Games costume designs. I love that the cowl itself looks angry 😀

    For the vehicle:

    I kinda need to see more but I do like it. Have you seen that Cinematic trailer for the latest Batman Game. The bat-mobile looks very similar.

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