‘Mortal Combat X’ Trailer

Mortal Combat X screen shotMortal Combat X (I assume that that’s ’10’ as opposed to the letter) is the relaunch of a series which was probably one of the most influential fighting games ever made, which had a little to do with it spawning two movies.

This version of Mortal Combat has the violence of prior games in the series–you know that it’s not CareBare Jamboree you’re playing, that’s for sure–combined with, if the trailer does the game justice–some pretty impressive mo-cap-based graphics.

I also get the feeling that when it becomes available on the Mac platform it’s not going to work on anything less than an i5 or i7 Intel processor, which means that anyone running an Intel Core 2 Duo (like me) is out of luck.

Though truth be told I am a little concerned about the violence.  Such things are, in a way, easier to accept when the little avatar you’re controlling is less life-like.  Now, the violence is going to be as hyper-real as the graphics.

I hope that, with the more realistic violence, that at least the human body responds accordingly.  By which I mean, if you break someone’s knee–like in the picture to the left, that the avatar responds accordingly, and maybe doesn’t use that leg.  I honestly think that it can only be beneficial for people who play these games to know that violence has repercussions.

Even it’s of the pixelated variety.

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