‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Extended TV Spot

This new trailer for James Gunn’s Guardians Of The Galaxy popped up on the Interwebs yesterday, and it significantly expands the scale of the universe–literally and figuratively–that the Guardians call their sandbox.  It seems a conventional summer blockbuster in many ways.

And in other ways, not so much.  Something important about is is that–if Marvel Studios current roster is based on B-list characters, then what are the Guardians Of The Galaxy?  So they’re an unknown quantity, combined with the fact that they’re surrounded by a rather odd-looking movie, and you get…

I have no idea, though combine that with two trailers that have either mistakes or some odd creative choices and things get really interesting.

I have no idea what's going on here!
I have no idea what’s going on here!

And these errors (if that’s what they are) have been shared by both trailers released for the movie, which is why I wonder if they’re mistakes at all.

Let’s start at the beginning with the first trailer.

Notice the sphere (which is probably one of the Infinity Stones) and its position, floating above a circular platform.


Chris Pratt


The next scene has Star Lord (Chris Pratt) staring intently it.



And the third scene has him picking it up.

Chris Pratt's hand


My question is:  How did the sphere go from hovering almost a foot above the platform, to resting on it?  I can mentally fill in the blanks (maybe the sphere was contained in some sort of stasis field, and when Star Lord reached for it, it collapsed, causing the Infinity Stone to fall) though that’s me guessing what had happened, as opposed to actually seeing what happened.

Which leads me to two conclusions:  The first is that the person whomever cut the trailer (for some reason) didn’t want to include the footage.  It’s possible that the sphere falling has some relevance that needs to be kept out of trailers.  I don’t believe it, but it’s possible.

The second is that maybe someone forgot to include it, which is also possible, though less so.

In the most recent trailer, at around the 0:14 mark, (when you see Rocket piloting a ship through what appears to be an explosion) there’s a note of music that sounds like Hooked On A Feeling when the song itself isn’t actually in the trailer.

Neither error–if that’s what they are–is earth-shatteringly wrong, though they are odd.

Which reminds me.  Guardians Of The Galaxy is arguably the riskiest film so far from Marvel Studios.  It goes without saying that I intend to see it, but if it comes off too weird, will anyone else?

Typically, when you’re dealing with an expensive feature, they’re usually based upon known quantities, like Star Trek, or Godzilla.  The point being, you have a built-in audience for what you’re selling.

And while being a known quantity doesn’t guarantee box office success, it certainly doesn’t hurt.

That being said, the record of Marvel Studios has been nothing short of remarkable, so I wouldn’t bet against them.














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