‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ UK Trailer

Now this trailer I like!  Unlike the ones that have been produced for domestic consumption, this has a narrative cohesion that they lack.  In fact, amidst all the chaos, it almost has a Spielbergian feel at times (particularly with the little boy who’s being taken by aliens).

This is the trailer that should have been released second domestically because it puts everything in a context that viewers unfamiliar with the characters (which is pretty much everyone) would better understand.

Plus, there’s more Rocket, which is always a good thing.


5 thoughts on “‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ UK Trailer

    1. I like it. Everything makes sense. The domestic trailers are a bit chaotic. Which isn’t to say that I wouldn’t see it either way, though with this trailer I things are more grounded.

      Besides, I really like to hear Rocket talk;)

      1. It’s interesting that you say that because I have never been much of a Bradley Cooper fan, so I don’t see him when I hear Rocket’s voice .

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