‘Exodus: Gods And Kings’ Trailer

This is why I avoid “historical” movies.  First off, however Moses and Ramses looked, they weren’t white.  This is because white people (as in:  people that look like Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton) aren’t native to that region.

Now there were conquests made by Europeans, primarily Alexander the Great, but that was significantly after Moses would had been on the scene.

For instance, Egypt geographically neighbors Nubia.  The two countries were often in conflict–which is why some hieroglyphs contain figures that are darker-pigmented than others.

There was a period though, when Nubia conquered Egypt, and the Nubian rulers adopted the mores of Egypt, ruling that country for a period of time.

So, either you’re taking about Semitic-looking people Arab-looking people, African-looking people; somewhere along that continuum.  

White people’s origins are from Europe, which means that the likelihood that Moses looked European is a tad unlikely.  

Now I understand that the film makers may not have wanted to take a chance on populating their film primarily with people of color, but the problem is that there are people that take this stuff literally (which is whole ‘nother discussion).


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