Daredevil (2015) Ep. 13: Daredevil

New York Bulletin - Daredevil editionRed costume, red costume, red costume.  Did I mention that I REALLY want to see the red costume?  Curse you, DeKnight!  Curse you!  And the worse thing is, I have already partially seen it–Curse you, Internet!  Curse you to Hell!–but I can tell that they don’t do it justice.

I thought that I should mention that Fisk is tough!–as if we didn’t know–the man takes a prolonged tase to the neck and just keeps on  killing.

Though apparently not tough enough because this is the penultimate episode, and in it we witness what looks to me like the start of the fall of Wilson Fisk’s organization, though with Vanessa free I get the feeling that we will be seeing the Kingpin of Crime again soon enough.

Red costumeBy the way, the new costume is AWESOME!  My only issue is the placement of the eyes, which look like they’re situated a bit too low on his face.

Other than that, it’s actually better than the costume in Ben Affleck’s version, which is saying something because that was pretty good.

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