Jurassic World – Trailer 2

John Sayles Jurassic WorldI’m of two minds on the latest Jurassic World trailer.  It goes without saying that there are some awesome moments, particularly when Owen Brady (Chris Pratt) is riding his motorcycle amidst a (Pack?  Pride?  Clutch?) of velociraptors.

That being said, very little about the movie makes any sense.  For instance, WHY ON EARTH would anyone genetically engineer a creature not only bigger than a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but smarter and faster as well?

And while scientists doing what anyone with any sense knows makes absolutely no sense at all is a staple of science fiction, having seen the results of that idea not working too well for three movies already, I don’t see why they’d go and make things worse by creating monsters that are even tougher than those that’s it’s already been established that they can’t stop (no matter what technological means they’ve developed to inhibit things like reproduction, for example).

I know it’s just a movie, but I would have hoped that there was something more to power future entries than the same stupidity that undergirded the prior movies.

For instance, there was talk for awhile about Universal going with a John Sayles (a brilliant writer/director) screenplay that dealt with Engen developing human-dinosaur hybrids.

Now, sure, that’s still scientists doing really stupid things that they should know that they shouldn’t, but who wouldn’t want to see human-dinosaur hybrids tramping about?

It sounds like a ape-shite crazy idea, though Sayles is a great writer and if anyone could have made such a wild idea work, it would be him.


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