Pan – Official Trailer

Can we just accept that Joe Cornish is a bit overrated?  That’s not to say that there isn’t the potential for greatness, but so far most of what he’s done has been in association with Edgar Wright.

His first turn at directing was 2011’s Attack The Block (which he also wrote), a box-office failure (though let’s not for a moment equate a film being entertaining with how much money it happens to earn.  If that were the case, the Transformers movies would be the highest form of the storytelling art–which they’re not).

Despite that, his star continued to rise (for awhile he was on the short list to direct Star Trek 3, before someone decided to photon torpedo the franchise and let Roberto Orci do it. (though that ‘someone’ is either no longer at Paramount or they came to their senses, because not only is Ocri out, but his screenplay as well).

Cornish’s most recent project is Pan (based on the works of Scottish novelist J.M. Barrie).  The trailer looks pretty awesome, then again, trailers ALWAYS look awesome.

Though in terms of budget and special effects, it’s like nothing else he’s ever done. though I have to wonder if it lives up to the promise of the trailer.

And it’s worth noticing that they spoiled what sounded like a good joke (“the ‘Canada’ line) that I would have liked to have heard in the theater.  I don’t blame Cornish for that (directors don’t traditionally cut the trailers for their movies), but it’s not a great sign).

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