Goodnight Mommy – Trailer

For awhile France was the place to go for innovative horror (and where directors like Alexandre Aja and Xavier Gens hail), now it seems that there’s been a shift to Australia.  Wyrmwood: Road Of The Dead is currently on Netflix, and it’s pretty clever–in terms of where it takes zombie horror, not so much in terms of visuals.

And Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz’s Goodnight Mommy looks to continue the trend.

Visually, the movie reminds me of Funny Games (for some reason) and revolves around two twin boys.  Their mother returns to their remote home (which is good for chasing your kids for prolonged periods, due to the isolation) to recover from plastic surgery on her face, and the boys aren’t too sure she’s actually their mother.

When I originally heard the synopsis, I thought that it was a case of the twins being bat-shite crazy (like Dead Ringers with little kids), and their mother spending most of the movie fleeing, though if the trailer is at all accurate, the boys may be on to something.

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