Jessica Jones Clip – All In & Marvel’s Daredevil Season 2 Promo Clip – Luke Cage

This time around we get to seem more of the villainous Kilgrave  (David Tennant).

Also known in the comics as The Purple Man, because he’s (duh) purple-pigmented–a route I am glad that Marvel Television decided not to pursue in Jessica Jones, instead having the character dress in that color as well as altering the lighting to purple at times–though this was changed, probably to keep the series more grounded.

In the comics his ability is manifested via the secretion of pheromones–not mind control, as the Official Trailer #2 seems to indicate.

That’s a relatively small alteration though, and doesn’t stop it from looking pretty awesome.

And the latter teaser, despite being called a ‘Jessica Jones’ Promo Clip, is sort of not, instead laying the groundwork for Marvel’s Luke Cage.


Now when are we going to see some signs of Cage’s partner, Iron Fist (other than the shoutout in Daredevil–the truck that was shipping the toxic chemicals that gave Matt Murdock his specialized abilities was reportedly from Rand Pharmaceuticals, controlled by Daniel Rand, also known as Iron Fist)?

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