Doctor Strange Conjures Up Some Levity

Screenshot 2016-07-24 00.45.09I mentioned a few posts ago that I wouldn’t be writing much about Marvel Studios’ upcoming Doctor Strange out of fear of spoilers, though I think that the new trailer is important for reasons I expand upon below.

What I was wondering was how Marvel Studios’ upcoming Doctor Strange would add the levity, the light-heartedness that’s been crucial to most of their productions up to this point.

I think I see how it’s going to be done. The humor in the movie will apparently come from Strange’s learning to work with magic.

This makes perfect sense because if anyone is familiar with Doctor Strange from the comics, they’d know that as a surgeon he was very arrogant, so in learning to master the Mystic Arts, he’s humbled.

And in that humbling comes moments of humor.

It’s a great idea because–unlike what some would like to believe–none of the Marvel Studios movies are comedies, though they do have moments of humor (though it should be said that it’s possible that some of the scenes in the commercials won’t appear in the movie).

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