Wonder Woman – Official Trailer

Let’s be clear: Based on what I have seen so far, I suspect that Patty JenkinsWonder Woman isn’t going to be a great movie.  

Then again, an important question that needs to be asked is if DC Films even needs it to be because at this point I imagine all that they and Warner Bros want is a superhero movie that is not reviled by both hard-core comics fans and critics of various stripes. 

The last entry in the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) was Suicide Squad, and while not particularly well-liked by critics, it garnered enough goodwill from moviegoers to earn over $745 million worldwide. 

So maybe Wonder Woman will complete the other part of the equation, bringing some much needed critical acceptance. 

Visually the movie looks a lot like Captain America: The First Avenger (down to their also apparently being a MacGuffin of “indescribable power” in the vein of the Tesseract) but that’s probably due to both stories sharing similar thematic elements than anything else. 

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