No, No Power Rangers?

I have never been a fan of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (though oddly enough, I liked VR Troopers despite it being an obvious knockoff trying to cash in on their popularity). 

Go figure. 

I think my issue was that it didn’t even pretend to be interested in anything but the 12 and under set, as far as the audience goes.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing to know the demographic that you’re aiming for, but it brings the problem of not growing with them.

I’ve got to admit though, their more modern interpretations are pretty cool looking.

As I said, they look pretty awesome but I just wish they had done away with the lower half of their ‘faces’ being part of their helmets, which doesn’t make a lick of sense (other than that was the way it was done prior, most likely because, having originated in Japan, the American actors you see on the television show aren’t the same people wearing the costumes). 

Another pretty clever detail in the reboot was making the lone African-American the Blue Ranger (instead of the Blackfrom the television series) which was frankly a little odd and made no sense when you take into account that the Red Ranger wasn’t played by a Native American or the Yellow Ranger, an Asian person (I’m pretty sure about the former being the case, not at all sure about the latter). 

Which is good because I am mildly offended and I typed it!

Though perhaps more importantly, if the Power Rangers movie does well wemight eventually get a live-action movie based on Battle Of The Planets (admittedly not as cool a title as Science Ninja Team Gatchaman) or Star Blazers

Either of those would be <a href=“”so money.

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