Star Trek: Discovery – Trailer

The trailer for CBS All Access’s upcoming Star Trek: Discovery is absolutely gorgeous, though design-wise appears to borrow too much from J.J. Abrams’ reboot.

And I wish I were just talking about the lens flares.

No, what I mean is this…

The being above is–believe it or not–a Klingon and if you have seen Gene Roddenberry’s original series, they look very little like the being pictured above (though they do somewhat resemble the Klingons from the 2009 movie.

Which is problematic because the upcoming series was supposedly not based on the same timeline as the reboots, and instead should have been inspired to some degree by the look of the original series.

The production for Star Trek: Discovery was supposedly a very troubled one, and I think we’re seeing the first signs of it.

And it’s hard to tell from the shot in the trailer, but the Discovery may also not look similar enough to Star Trek ships in the past (other than being composed of two nacelles, and a saucer section) which is a whole other can of worms.

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