Unsane – Official Trailer

Screenshot 2018-01-29 14.09.45Unsane is a thriller from Steven Soderbergh that was apparently shot entirely on an iPhone.

Looking at the trailer, you can tell (it doesn’t look particularly cinematic, especially in wide shots, where you can see some lens distortion) it wasn’t shot on video cameras at any rate.

The lighting is a bit atypical as well, though I think that that is due to the iPhone light sensor, and it’s inability to deal with variations in light and shadow in a nuanced fashion.

Story-wise, I don’t buy it.  If someone commits themselves, as far as I am aware, it’s not the same as when the state commits them, in that they have the right to come and go as they please.

Then again, I only know that from movies, so who knows it it’s actually true or not.

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