The Lion King (2019) – Official Teaser Trailer #1

Earlier today Disney released a trailer for the live-action iteration of their 1984 animated feature, The Lion King and no one should be particularly surprised, especially after 2016’s The Jungle Book, where we saw that CGI could render panthers, bears, hyenas and other animals with remarkable accuracy (I’d be amiss if I also didn’t mention 2012’s Life Of Pi, as far as computer generated animals go).

So let’s see if I understand…based exclusively on the teaser, this version of The Lion King–also an animated feature, just with much more CGI than the original–looks gorgeous, but are people willing to pay for what is quite possibly a shot-for-shot remake?
Probably, because Disney has struck Scrooge McDuck amounts of gold with their remaking classic, traditionally animated movies thus far though it feels too adjacent to double-dipping for my comfort.

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