Why Disney Will (Eventually) Share Branded Content With Netflix

And speaking of content, the title of this article–while to the point–is blander than it perhaps deserves.

And speaking of articles Forbes has just published one claiming to know why Netflix has cancelled it’s Marvel shows (out of five only two, Jessica Jones and The Punisher, remain).

And to be honest I don’t expect either of them to last beyond their upcoming seasons though it’s the reason Forbes for the aforementioned cancellations that I disagree with.

Let me repeat: their conclusion is on the money, their WHY isn’t.

Namely, the idea of idea of branding in the case of the Marvel Television shows (according to the article) essentially acting like promotions for Disney–and more importantly, their upcoming streaming service.

That doesn’t make much sense to me because of course Netflix wants to control as much of their own content as possible BUT part of Netflix’s entire reason for being is the streaming of movies and television shows, some of which it should go without saying, won’t be produced by them.

And speaking of which, I am willing to bet Disney/Marvel/Pixar/Lucasfilm movies WILL turn up again on Netflix, perhaps after an exclusive period on Disney+, because that way they can have their cake and eat it too (to the tune of millions of dollars).

Disney is after all jumping in feet first into the steaming pool, and while exclusivity is a good thing, so are the potential millions for being slightly less exclusive.

And sure, it could be argued that Disney would be essentially competing with itself, and there’s some validity to that argument but imagine that Netflix were given access to Disney content months after it had already appeared on their streaming channel, for a limited period of time?

It would generate extra profits for Disney based on content they already own.

In a sense it’s double dipping (for Disney) of the best kind.

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