Bumblebee – Review

Most of the Transformers movies are drek (the first gets a pass because it was new and as viewers we had no idea what to expect) and how they went on to be the successes they ended up being–prior to the franchise running out of steam in it’s later chapters–is virtually beyond comprehension.

I blame the Chinese (the entire country) because just when people here were catching on to how terrible these movies were, China apparently couldn’t get enough.

Then came Bumblebee, and it’s a movie that as citizens of the United States we don’t have to be embarrassed to enjoy.

In fact, it’s almost your patriotic duty to see it.

I wouldn’t call it great though, and by no means is it worth a 94% on Rottentomatoes, but it’s the Transformers movie we should have gotten a long time ago.

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