My Two Cents: Eternals | About That Kiss

If you’ve seen Eternals – currently the No. 1 movie in the United States – you’ve likely seen the kiss that was banned in three countries (a commendable stand by Disney, as long as one understands if any of those countries had the economic weight of, let’s say China, then that kiss would have been […]

Trailer Into REaction: Mulan (2019) | Official Teaser

There are so many (potential) problems with Disney’s upcoming Mulan (a live-action version of the 2009 animated feature, based on a Chinese folktale) though the hardest hurdle to clear is that it costs (supposedly) somewhere in the ballpark of $290-$300 million dollars to produce! This. Movie. Is. Way. Too. Expensive. I don’t know why it […]

Bumblebee – Review

Most of the Transformers movies are drek (the first gets a pass because it was new and as viewers we had no idea what to expect) and how they went on to be the successes they ended up being–prior to the franchise running out of steam in it’s later chapters–is virtually beyond comprehension. I blame […]

Did Solo Really ‘Bomb’ In China?

Words matter, so if you read ‘China Box Office: ‘Solo’ Bombs With Third-Place $10.1M Opening’ from The Hollywood Reporter you’re likely to assume that the movie failed there. And in a sense it did, though Star Wars movies since being purchased by Disney have underperformed in the Middle Kingdom before–Rogue One: A Star Wars Story […]

‘Pacific Rim’ Opens Huge In China

Guillermo Del Toro’s “Pacific Rim” may have received an important boost toward a sequel, courtesy of a $45 million opening in China. The giant robot versus monster feature has earned almost $95 million domestically, though internationally (including the Chinese box office), has surpassed $200 million dollars. As a result, the odds for a sequel odds […]

Odds For A ‘Pacific Rim’ Sequel Improves

As I have written elsewhere, “Pacific Rim,” despite somewhat underperforming domestically, is doing well overseas.  And according to The Wrap, it will be released this Wednesday in China, which will go a long way to determining if there will be a sequel. It’s not an accident that one of the jaegers, Crimson Typhoon, is Chinese, […]