Trailer Into REaction: Mulan (2019) | Official Teaser

There are so many (potential) problems with Disney’s upcoming Mulan (a live-action version of the 2009 animated feature, based on a Chinese folktale) though the hardest hurdle to clear is that it costs (supposedly) somewhere in the ballpark of $290-$300 million dollars to produce!

This. Movie. Is. Way. Too. Expensive. I don’t know why it costs as much as it apparently does, though it’s going to have to make AT LEAST a billion dollars before it even begins to see a profit.

And that’s entirely possible though is it likely is the question.

Sure, it’ll probably do well in the Middle Kingdom but domestically and in other territories?

That’s the question because such a massive investment is going to need more than just over-performing in China to succeed.

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