Trailer Into REaction: EsKILLator (2019) | Teaser Trailer

I like high-concept movies. Sure, they’re a risk and easy to botch up but when they work…the payoff is pretty good.

Which I mention because I found a teaser trailer for a concept called EsKILLator, a idea from the talented Ben Plumier.

About–it should go without saying–a killer escalator (which isn’t as unusual as you may think).

Which begats SO many questions! Such as how is an escalator killing so many people? The move, but people typically have to come to them, so what stops someone from NOT getting on?

I mean, if I hear about an escalator with a body count I might think twice before getting on.

There’re questions to be sure, but high concept movies invite those, though what matters is how they’re answered.

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