Save Daredevil!

Admittedly, most petitions of this nature are a waste of time, such as the effort to release the Zach Snyder cut of Justice League. First, there’s no evidence such a thing actually exists (there was likely an assembly cut of the movie shown to Warner Bros executives at various times, to give them an idea where Snyder was going but nothing approximating a movie as most people think of one).

Now, Marvel’s Daredevil is another matter in that three critically acclaimed seasons of the streaming TV series already exist, and there were plans for a fourth before the ax fell.

Then, as far as I’m aware many of the principals involved (Charlie Cox, Vincent D’Onofiro, Deborah Ann Wohl) are as interested in continuing as much as anyone else.

Then there’s the question of ratings. Netflix typically doesn’t reveal the ratings of their series–or even how they determine them–though there appears they may have been a ratings decline from seasons two to three.

Which is really odd because the Third season of Daredevil is rated particular high among viewers.

Which is why it appears to me that what’s going on between management of Netflix and Marvel Television is some sort of pissing match, which means that the renewal of the series is based less on any real world performance metrics than ego and intransigence on the part of executives on both sides.

Which is why signing on to this petition can really make a difference!

We’re not talking about–essentially–wish fulfillment as in the case of the Justice League petition but for a chance to restart a process that was already in motion before some executives got their panties all in a bunch.

And when Netflix executives realize how many people want to see another season of Daredevil, who knows what can happen?

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