Monsterland – Review

Yesterday I rented Monsterland on iTunes–it was on sale for 99 cents–and I’m glad I did because if I had paid more I’ve been really pissed.

As it stands it wasn’t a terrible anthology–and far better than the truly horrendous Creepshow 3, which isn’t saying muchbut too inconsistent (when it wasn’t being amateurish and badly written)–to be really enjoyable.

In the competently executed department, I’d put The Grey Matter, Hag and House Call. They were well-shot, you could tell what was and why it was happening, even though said happenings weren’t particularly engaging.

Curiosity Kills though…that’s something I could see as a final project in film class though as part of am anthology in a feature film?

No way.

And Hellyfish? There was actually some pretty decent CG, unfortunately that was the only thing that was worth noting because it was easily as weak as the aforementioned Curiosity Kills, with a story just as badly written.

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