Syfy Grounds The Nightflyer

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Syfy has cancelled Nightflyers, the sci-fi series based on the George R.R. Martin (Wild Cards, A Game of Thrones) novella after one season

While this is mildly disheartening, having seen the first two episodes I don’t think it’s a huge loss in that the series–at least visually–owed too much of a debt to Paul W.S. Anderson Event Horizon (which wasn’t by any means a terrible movie, though it’s pretty spectacular production design did all the heavy lifting).

The reason behind the cancellation was supposedly due to middling ratings, combined with an expensive budget (despite the fact that Netflix distributed the series internationally and paid at least half the production cost).

I wouldn’t be surprised if the series took flight again, if only because it seems incapable of staying gone for long, having been made into a movie in 1987.

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