Captain Marvel (2019) – Review

According to the Interwebs there’s been more than a little bit of buzz revolving around Captain Marvel, the 21st installment of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and not all of it was favorable.

As far as I can tell most of the problems–particularly some sort of feminist agenda–are blatantly nonsense. That being said, you’ll notice that movies with men as leads–which let’s be honest is 9/10ths of all movies made–are never accused of having an ‘masculine agenda.’

That’s likely because the people that are complaining about Captain Marvel are accustomed to a certain dynamic in movies, one where women pretty much act as accouterments to men, with no real value in and of themselves.

And that’s pretty sad though such while such people are apparently having little if any effect on Captain Marvel’s box office it’s disappointing that there are people that are threatened by something so relatively insignificant as a character in a movie.

And speaking of movies, it’s a pretty good one. Not the best Marvel movie–to my reckoning it ranks somewhere around the middle of the pack–but by no means not worth catching.

Check out my review below if you’re interested in how I came by my conclusion.

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