Review: The Order | Season One

Netflix’s The Order is not nearly as good as it should be because when you have a movie that revolves around werewolves versus witches, it goes without saying that you should see lots of werewolves and witches.

And you don’t. That being said, they do the best with what is likely a very limited budget though perhaps a more vexing problem is that it lacks focus.

You can’t tell who the order is aimed at: Is it made for teens? Adults? It’s hard to tell. There’s enough cursing and gore–most of it CGI–that you can see that maybe they intended it for more mature viewers.

Then again, the way it approaches relationships between people–both straight and gay–is almost prudish (unlike The Magicians, which is very much an adult fantasy series).

As I said it’s not terrible but I just wish it would take a stand: Either focus on teenagers or adults, but you can’t have it both ways.

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