Trailer Into Reaction: Brightburn (2019) | Final Trailer

The final trailer for Brightburn dropped yesterday, and I’m genuinely curious about the movie because I get the feeling that Zach Snyder really wished he could have treated his version of Superman in a similar fashion.

Though that’s not quite fair because hate isn’t the opposite of love, apathy is and that was the Snyder’s Superman’s greatest sin:

For the most part, he just didn’t care about people.

While the super-powered alien in in Brightburn? He cares. Not the inspirational type of caring, but he cares nonetheless.

And I’m sure there’re people who’d say that he saved some people on the oil derrick and you’d be right.

Though I’d respond that there were literally thousands of people he did not seem to care about (and not only when the World Engine was doing it’s thing, literally slamming thousands of CGI people to paste but when he was fighting Zod over the city, seeming not all concerned about collateral damage).

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