The Mandalorian (2019) | Official Trailer

Let’s be clear: I think Disney+ is a terrible idea from a business perspective.

They’re literally paying billions to establish a streaming service–keep in mind they already own Hulu–when sans the streaming network, they could be selling their content to whomever was willing to pay for it.

And EVERYONE would be willing to pay for it. They could be collecting billions, instead of forking it over.

In any case, I didn’t expect to like The Mandalorian–the only reason I’m at all interested in Disney+ is because of the Marvel Studios content (Moon Knight, WandaVision and The Falcon And The Winter Soldier) but damn, this is an impressive trailer!

It looks particularly cinematic and has some GREAT actors!

I’m sold. It’s not enough for me to keep Disney+ for an extended period, though for a few months?

I can see it.

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