REview – 13 Reasons Why (2019) | Season 3

Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why wasn’t what I’d call an easy watch–though by no means a slog–but variety is the spice of life and without it things become really, really boring.

So every once in awhile I take a break from horror and sci-fi to watch something a bit more reality-based.

And as I said. it’s not an easy watch because you’re a witness to people who’s lives are speeding toward a precipice, and no one knows how to stop.

That’s the thing though, real people’s lives are sometimes like that and I’m willing to bet we’ve all known people that, try as we might, we can’t do anything to help.

Those are the only type of people that occupy the word of 13 Reasons Why though you come to like them so much that you’re willing to stick by them, no matter what it is that they’re going through.

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