AHS 1984 (2019) | Official Trailer

I love horror, conversely, I can’t stand American Horror Story, which even has “Horror” in the damn title!

You’d think it’d be a no-brainer because…well, horror.

But–at for the first season at any rate–American Horror Story was trashy. And icky (and not in a “good” way).

I mean, if I’m not watching horror geared at a gay audience–they’re out there. Check out Hellbent. It’s a really good movie–I don’t want to hear anyone talking about being a ‘power bottom.’

Though to be fair this sort of nonsense isn’t unknown to Ryan Murphy productions, which is why I am VERY selective as to which ones I choose to watch.

Which is why I don’t tend to watch any.

What I do enjoy watching is Slasher, another anthology series on Netflix. And while it too at times deals with subject matter of a sexual nature, it doesn’t tend to do so in fashion that makes you wince in revulsion.

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