Scoob! – Trailer

Scoob is a cute trailer but I have to ask would anyone care about a Scooby Doo origin story (which is what it appears to be)?

I get the feeling that a lot of kids have no idea who he is, and since the likelihood is high that his adventures as a puppy aren’t going to be significantly different from those as an full-grown dog, then what’s the point?

As you can tell from the trailer, the animation is attractive but when all is said and done it looks like a traditional Scooby Doo adventure, just in CGI.

And that’s okay. The show–literally every episode–revolved around Scooby and the gang going around solving mysteries and exposing ghosts (which were virtually never actually phantoms).

As I said, it’s cute but is also somewhat pointless and something no one I’m aware of was asking for though as long as it comes in relatively cheaply budget-wise, it should be all good.

Though to be fair if it were also to go directly to streaming I wouldn’t be too shocked.

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