Trailer Into REaction – A Quiet Place, Part II | Teaser Trailer

Remember 2018’s A Quiet Place? The movie that–albeit indirectly–brought us Netflix’s Bird Box as well as The Silence?

It cost $17 million to produce and earned almost $341 million.

There’s no way that it wasn’t getting a sequel though was the original as good as a lot of people seem to think?

I’d have to say No. It’s well-done to be sure, and as far as a directorial debut goes–for John Krasinski–it’s a really good way to put yourself on the map.

I mentioned that it’s a competent debut for a promising director but I’d argue that that’s it because A Quiet Place is more carried by its genre–horror, which is almost recession-proof–and it’s budget, which is cheap enough that it would have to be particularly terrible to at the very least not turn a profit.

And as I said, it’s better than that, just not by any means as good as some people would like you to think.

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