REview: Prey (2019)

Franck Khalfoun’s Prey is a fascinating movie, though not always in the way you’d like in the sense that it takes multiple storylines and brings them together in a way that doesn’t quite mesh.

The main storyline revolves around Toby (Logan Miller) who, seemingly in an effort to recover from the death of his father, is sent on a three day survivalist jag to Malaysia.

Though what surviving in a jungle for three days has to do with helping him forgive himself for a death he had little if anything to do with in the first place–beyond offering a placebo of sorts–is a bit beyond my understanding.

In any case, upon arrival on the island events begin to move toward an inevitable, though not terribly satisfying, conclusion.

Prey is not by any means a bad or unwatchable, though it’s not nearly as good as it could, or should, have been.

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