Trailer Into REaction: Antebellum (2020) | Official Trailer

I going to just put this out there, but I don’t tend to like inspirational-type movies that wear their inspiration on their sleeves.

Antebellum–at least based upon the trailer–is such a movie. Janelle Monáe plays Veronica, a powerful, progressive woman who’s chosen to go back to Slavery times to (likely) write some sort of wrong.

It’s a Twilight Zone episode and while there’s nothing wrong with that per se–there’re some great Twilight Zone episodes–the problem starts when the trailer makes it appear that that’s all that the movie has to offer.

And that’s not to say that that’s the case of even if the trailer is accurate–it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that one misled viewers–but something a little less on the nose would have been appreciated.

And another thing, I’m not sure what genre this movie is. If could be horror, it could be sci-fi, it could be a combination of the two, but uncertainty is never a good ting as far as trailers go.

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