REview: Curon, Season One (2020) | Great Ideas, No Follow up

Netflix’s Curon-a sorta-Young Adult series?-has all the elements it needs to be wildly entertaining: a hotel where a heinous act was committed, wolves (that actually look like wolves, as opposed to Huskies), a creepy pair of fraternal twins, a sunken town, doppelgängers and creepy townies.

So, why does it just not gel?

I mentioned that there were doppelgängers (duplicates of certain characters) that appear to emanate from the sunken town, yet we not only have no idea why it is happening beyond a vague mention of a curse on occasion by secondary characters. Unfortunately, beyond that the story spends so little time telling us why anything is happening, beyond “curse.”

I also mentioned that it’s kind of like a YA series because the narrative gives quite a bit of attention to older characters, blurring the lines a bit.

And speaking of blurring, that’s the problem of Curon, namely, focus. I have no idea what it actually is. It has some great ideas, is clearly horror-adjacent, is well-acted, and is absolutely gorgeous to look at–the town of Curon? A real place. The sunken original town? Also a real thing–but I’m not only sure of the why’s but perhaps more importantly, the how’s.

Which isn’t to imply that it’s bad–it’s not–it just doesn’t go anywhere.

If people aren’t able to see the above video, please let me know. I suspect there might be problems.

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