Trailer Into REaction: She Dies Tomorrow (2020) | Official Trailer

Cutting a trailer is an art in and of itself and likely a more challenging one than most people think.

Imagine this: Most movies last about around an hour in a half, yet someone has to cut a trailer that lasts no more than two minutes that ideally not only gives viewers an idea what the movie is about but engages them enough that they’re interested enough to put down their hard-earned money down to see it.

Now most movies – particularly tentpoles – have more than one trailer though trailers are like anything else in that if you can’t catch viewers attention with the first, you’re not likely to do so with the second.

Which brings me to the trailer to Amy Seimetz’s She Dies Tomorrow.

It isn’t bad, strictly speaking, though it doesn’t exactly give one any reason to wait for a second, either.

This is the second instance I’ve seen this recently – I got the same impression from the trailer for Sea Fever (which was a very good movie).

Oddly enough, both Sea Fever and She Dies Tomorrow were directed by women though that’s likely just a coincidence.

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