Trailer Into REaction: Dune (2020) | Official Trailer

The trailer for Denis Villeneuve’s Dune dropped earlier today and it left me genuinely confused because I’m not quite sure who it’s supposed to appeal to.

And it was a great, epic-looking trailer but I still don’t understand why it is that Hollywood feels the need to force movies based on Frank Herbert’s visionary sci-fi novel on the public.

Though to be fair I was also not too sure who David Lynch’s version in 1984 was supposed to appeal to because that was an odd movie. It had an epic scope and reach, yet was often pretty disgusting and grotesque to look at.

Who Is The Audience For This Toy (That Is Apparently Worth $280 Today)!?

Now, you don’t see any hints of what the Guild Navigator is supposed to look like in the trailer for Villeneuve’s movie but I get the feeling that it’s not going to be as repulsive, as icky as how it appeared in Lynch’s movie.

This Thing – the Guild Navigator – Is Repulsive
Almost As Repulsive As These Guys

This is the second movie from Denis Villeneuve designed to reboot/sequelize a box-office failure – the first being Blade Runner 2049, the sequel to Blade Runner – a movie that was released in 1982, 35 years after the original.

And while David Lynch’s Dune came out 36 years ago (!?) I’m just not sure there’s an audience for this movie and maybe studios should stop trying to force it on us.

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