Trailer Into Reaction: Castle Freak (2020) | Official Trailer

I’m a huge aficionado of H.P. Lovecraft’s writing (the man? Not so much), and Stuart Gordon has adapted more of his work than any other director I’m aware of.

As a filmmaker he seems to get the randomness, the chaotic nature that lies at the heart of Lovecraft’s work, as well as an aficionado of innovative gore effects.

Though perhaps most importantly, he’s not afraid of dark humor, which suits the material.

Gordon’s Castle Freak (the only of his Lovecraft adaptions I have not seen) is based on The Outsider though what I’m curious about is if Tate Steinsiek’s (who’s made his mark in special effects before directing) “reimagining” – a term I don’t particularly like because I’ve seen Rob Zombie’s reimagined Halloween – is more faithful to Gordon’s movie or Lovecraft’s writing.

Though the trailer mentions The Necronomicon which is always a good place to start as far as I’m concerned.

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