Trailer Into REaction: Grizzly II: Revenge (2020) | Official Trailer

The original Grizzly (1976) was clearly at attempt to capitalize on the success of Jaws (1973), changing the setting from a seaside resort town to an unnamed national park in the United States (it was filmed in Georgia) and the threat from a shark to a grizzly.

In and of itself, it’s a pretty unremarkable movie though what I find interesting is that Dread Central recently published an article indicating that the sequel, Grizzly II: Revenge, is being released next year.

Which is really odd – because 1976 – though what makes it even weirder is that the same article describes it as “37 years in the making.”

It’s a little sparse on details but I think it’s highly unlikely that anyone was literally working on it for that length of time (it’s not impossible, but as I said, it is unlikely).

What I think probably closer to the truth is that for whatever reason the sequel to Grizzly was shelved, and someone decided – likely based upon a cast that includes Laura Dern, George Clooney and Charlie Sheen – to release the movie.

Though Grizzly was also the highest grossing independent film in 1976, so that there was movement toward a sequel isn’t a surprise though the question I think is on everyone’s mind is why wasn’t it released.

Though what I’m really curious about is if the movie is complete or is it more like Zach Snyder’s version of Justice League (which is to say in pieces and assembled to a complete movie with the addition of new footage).

That being said, you’ll notice that John Rhys-Davies is in the trailer, looking a lot younger than he has in years, though visually it looks not unlike a more modern movie (I mean in a cinematographically speaking because that concert is a dead giveaway that the movie isn’t set in current times).

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