REview: Dicktown (2020) | Imagine Sherlock and Watson (Except Less Competent and Working for Teens)

If you’ve had your fill of Rick And Morty – I haven’t though sometimes I find the show too clever for it’s own good. It’s definitely a smart show, but I feel as if on occasion it rubs viewers noses in how witty it is, which gets tiring. And then there’s Archer – another great show but it’s been on for eleven seasons and like Supernatural (which ran for 15) it’s hard to keep all those moving parts working as smoothly as they should.

Dicktown is an animated series that revolves around a detective, John Hunchman, and his driver/assistant/mooch, David Rees. Hunchman and Rees occupy a unique niche, namely solving crimes for teenagers.

Their adventures aren’t particularly cerebral – which is good because neither are our sleuths – though their adventures with young people are always hilarious because as adults who regularly move around the world of teenagers, Hunchman and Rees barely understand the lingo and the mores of their clients, which create plenty of opportunities for miscommunication and overall weirdness.

It’s also an oddly pretty charming series at times, and perhaps most interestingly plays like a continuation of Scooby Doo, from the titles of each episode to the way mysteries are solved.

It’s fun and really, really odd in the best possible way. If you haven’t seen Dicktown and have Hulu, what are you waiting for!

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