Trailer Into REaction: A Match Made In Hell (2020) | Official Commercial

Typically I don’t particularly care much for commercials though I also have to acknowledge when they’re done particularly well. For instance, the Geico and and Progressive commercials have been pretty entertaining for a while now (though the latter ebb and flow. The most recent bunch I’m haven’t been terribly impressed by.

They’re not terrible, just not as engaging – which might have something to do with what feels like a move to as tde-emphasize Flo, a character as connected to the brand as that gecko is to Geico)

Though this latest commercial for Match flirts with genius. Sure, it’s funny all on it’s own but it takes on added resonance if you’re at all familiar with the antagonist of Ridley Scott’s 1985 movie, Legend.

And on this Christmas Eve, I hope everyone is safe and able to spend it with people they love.

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