Trailer Into REaction: The Suicide Squad (2021) | Official Red Band Trailer

Earlier this week a trailer was released for James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, the sequel/soft reboot to David Ayer’s Suicide Squad (2016) and I didn’t like it nearly as much as I thought I would.

Part of the problem is Ayer’s movie is often criticized when no one has actually seen it – and you might be saying to yourself right about now, “I’ve seen Suicide Squad and I hated it!”

And that’s the problem: If you have seen that movie – and I have – you haven’t seen Suicide Squad as it’s director intended.

Ayer has directed movies like End of Watch (2012), Fury (2014) and thirteen others as well as written features like U-571 (2000), Training Day (2001) and so on, so I don’t think think his ability to write effective well-written stories is in question.

Though that’s not to say that by default means that his version of Suicide Squad would have been better than the version we’ve already seen (quite the opposite in fact. Nothing Ayer has done necessarily says he’d be a great choice to direct a superhero movie).

That being said Ayer is as good a director as Zach Snyder – though without the distinctive visual style – and is a MUCH better writer – yet the latter has been given somewhere in the ballpark of $70 million to complete his version of Justice League while Ayer’s version of Suicide Squad – which is essentially complete – is getting the cold shoulder from Warner Bros executives.

Now that might have a little to do with the fandom behind each movie, which in the case of Snyder’s movie can verge on the pathological while the for outcry for Ayer’s movie? Not so much.

Then there’s the fact that the trailer for Gunn’s movie not only plays very much like Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014) but it opens with an action scene (the rescue of Harley Quinn) with the heroes going about their business in civilian clothing, which feels really weird, tonally speaking.

So much so that I would not have put it in the trailer at all if the choice were up to me (and it isn’t).

What does work is the relationship between Bloodsport (Idris Elba) and Peacekeeper (John Sena) which makes me think that the relationships between the characters will matter most though to open the trailer in such a (relatively speaking) weak sense does them no favors.

And does King Shark remind anyone else of Groot? I’m not familiar with the former though he feels very much the same.

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