Trailer Into REaction: Werewolves Within (2021) | Official Trailer

I like nothing better than a good werewolf movie though it’s probably one of the most difficult horror sub-genres to get right in that it’s so FX-dependent.

And sure, there’re ways you can get around showing a lycanthrope, but that only goes so far because I watch werewolf movies to see werewolves (at some point) because if I feel like I’m watching a tease I’ll lose interest pretty quickly (unless whatever I happen to be watching is so well-told that I don’t miss them, which is a bit unusual).

This is why despite Wolfen (1981) being one of the better werewolf movies (though to be fair it’s technically less a werewolf movie than a movie about a an unknown, supernatural-adjacent relative of Canis lupus that has managed to thrive in the wreckage of human cities) visually speaking the creature wasn’t interesting enough to carry what was a pretty good premise.

Which brings me to Werewolves Within (2021), which looks to me like an Agatha Christie-like movie with werewolves as a new sherif is trapped in a house with a bunch of eccentric townies, one of whom who is quite possibly a werewolf.

This is a pretty ludicrous premise though if the trailer at all accurate (and they’re not always) it might have pulled it off.

It also reminds me of The Beast Must Die (1974), except from a more comedic perspective.

That could be a good thing though dark comedy or not, at some point the movie’s got to give us the goods.

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