Trailer Into REaction: Snake Eyes (2021) Official ‘Behind The Mask’ Trailer

Remember Judge Dredd (1995), when Sylvester Stallone took off his helmet and screamed (for what was for not the first time in the movie) “I AM THE LAW!”

It was certainly memorable (for all the wrong reasons) but what what it was also wasn’t Judge Dredd, a character who in the comics never once revealed his entire face.

Snake Eyes was similar. I was never a big G.I. Joe comics reader because I wasn’t particularly interested in the toys though I always found him interesting because there was a certain purity to the character.

He wasn’t terribly nuanced – Heck, he didn’t even talk, which apparently was little more than an affectation because Henry Golding seems to be speaking just fine in the trailer – but not every character should or need be, nuanced.

What made Dredd so awesome WAS his lack of nuance, his purity of motivation and purpose. There were no layers to reveal because literally what you see is what you get.

Though to build a franchise it’s harder revolving around a character that is little more than a gloved fist, so here we are.

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