Trailer Into REaction: Snake Eyes (2021) Official ‘Behind The Mask’ Trailer

Remember Judge Dredd (1995), when Sylvester Stallone took off his helmet and screamed (for what was for not the first time in the movie) “I AM THE LAW!” It was certainly memorable (for all the wrong reasons) but what what it was also wasn’t Judge Dredd, a character who in the comics never once revealed […]

You Can’t Keep A Good Judge Down

For awhile it seemed that the box office did what the Cursed Earth and the Angel Gang couldn’t which is to stop Judge Dredd. But you can’t keep a good Judge–or Karl Urban–down despite the checkered performance of Dredd in movies. The character’s first appearance was in 1995’s Judge Dredd, which was such a wasted […]

Triple 9 Official Trailers 1 & 2

Can I say that John Hillcoat’s Triple 9 looks awesome?  Heist/police thriller are a guilty pleasure of mine because when they’re done well, they’re a thing of beauty. In particular I enjoyed Bruce Malmuth’s Nighthawks (a Sylvester Stallone vehicle about a terrorist on the loose in New York, and the cops in pursuit of said terrorists), […]

‘Expendables 3’ Trailer

The ‘Expendables’ films are somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me in the sense that they remind me of an American muscle car, like the Corvette Stingray.  It might not be state of the art in certain ways, such as engine technology, but it’s surprising the problems that copious amounts of horsepower can solve. This film is chock […]

‘Expendables 3’ Teaser Trailer

While I have never (directly) paid to see any of the ‘Expendables’ films when I happen to catch one I generally have a good time.  There’s a sense that Sylvester Stallone and the rest of his crew aren’t taking themselves quite so seriously, no matter how much violence rains about them. That’s a refreshing change […]

‘Grudge Match’ Trailer

I have never been too fond of boxing films.  Their goal is generally an inspirational one, but truth be told I don’t tend to find two guy pounding each other into incoherence all that inspiring.  Peter Segal’s “Grudge Match” looks to be more geared toward the the comedic than the inspirational, which is good. Plus, […]

An Exercise In ‘Dredd’

Pete Travis’ Dredd is currently on Netflix, and after watching it again – I originally saw it in the theater – I can see why it did significantly better via rentals, DVD and Blue ray. It did so much better that it has resulted in a petition for a sequel, which is pretty impressive considering […]

‘Dredd’ Irritatingly Brief Teaser

It’s a relatively slow news day. On the homefront (does anyone else, when you put the word ‘home’ in front of another, get vaguely Nazi-ish associations?  Homeland Security?  The phrase ‘homeland’ itself?  Doesn’t work with ‘home fries,’ though). Cthulhu summoning still not going too well.  Perhaps I am concentrating on the wrong Great Old One.  […]

New ‘Dredd’ (Hopefully) Gets It Right

My biggest problem with Danny Cannon‘s 1995 version of Judge Dredd wasn’t  Sylvester Stallone–sure, being one of the biggest stars in the world at the time pretty much assured that he would be saying inane things like “I am the LAW!” at the top of his lungs, but he’s hardly the worse thing about the […]